2012 Cordwood Year-end Wrap-up Extravaganza

I truly did not mind drinking a little Cointreau.

So there we were, merrily whiling away the summer stacking logs and mortar, carefully aligning bottle ends, and neatly pointing the mortar. Slowly, week after week the walls went up. There was so much to do—mix putty, split and clean logs, look after the garden, mow the grass—but I couldn’t escape this nagging sensation in the back of my mind that I was forgetting something important.

It was not until over six months had passed that it dawned upon me that I was supposed to have been blogging about all this the entire time! Once again it is January, and I am woefully behind on posts. Enough with the chit-chat, let’s review our progress.

The better part of the summer and fall was devoted to finishing up the first floor. This included a  panel surrounding the front door:

Front door half finished.

Front door, done!

A panel at the very back of the house:

Window panel.

A panel surrounding the french doors:

Back door panel.

Two very large panels (“devil walls”) in the northeast corner:

That ol' devil wall ...

The other big wall.

And a small panel in the utility room:

Utility room panelette.

Whew, that was a lot of panels. A crucial part of the process was to have several going at once, at various heights, to minimize the discomfort of having to work in the same position all day whenever possible.

By September, we were all done with the first floor. Time to cultivate a second floor mentality.


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