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Welcome to Nerdwood, a blog documenting our adventures building a super-energy-efficient cordwood house in the lovely Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

My name is Greg; my wife Clare and I started this blog for several reasons. First, we wanted a place where our friends and family could check on our progress while we are too busy cutting logs and raising timbers to call them. Second, we wanted to document the process of building this house for ourselves (FutureGreg and FutureClare). Third, we have found such documentation by other owner-builders to be tremendously helpful – and inspiring – planning and building our own home.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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  1. Hi. I love the house! It’s really different from so many of the cordwood homes I have seen. It is a dream of mine to build one, someday. Are you both still working while you are building? I don’t mean to pry, I am just trying to work out a way to build my own! Good luck with the building, and God bless! -Lucinda

  2. Hi, Lucinda!
    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we both work full time in addition to building the house. It’s been three and a half years since we started and will certainly be another two years before we finish (at least). If we didn’t both have to work we would be done by now, but completely broke!

    In some ways, building it while working makes the house more expensive, since we just don’t have any time to scrounge for used materials, so we end up paying for things like new windows. On the upside, they’re much more efficient windows than we could obtain otherwise.

    Also, I think once we get it closed in work will progress faster. We have a long winter up here on the 47th parallel.

    Good luck with your dream – if you are even somewhat handy and have a LOT of patience, you can do it.


  3. Greg & Clare,

    Absolutely love the place! I’m in the gathering stages of building a 32 x 14 foot saltbox woodworking shop. My wife wasn’t all for it at first, but when I said it would keep me off the golf course for a few summers she was intrigued. Then our local YMCA is going to be building a new building and I asked what they were going to do with their Sauna unit? Now I have to build an adjoining structure 12 x 12 unit for our new sauna/workout room. So, now my plans are next years plans and my wifes are this years.

  4. Hi, Psychoframer,

    Some people build their sauna before their house. I kind of wish we had done that – a sauna after wrangling logs and mortar all day would be really nice. Welcome to the exciting world of cordwood!


  5. hey guys this is really trippy – today is 12 June 2011 – but your post from Oct 2010 only came up today in RSS and on your site


    i’m not sure if this is a wordpress thing – but it freaks me out – all your posts are delayed by 6 months or so

    it’s been going on for a year or two – but since you don’t post that often I didnt bother to say anything –

    but seriously getting posts in june from last October are throwing me for 6

    are you guys really alive – or is this a beattlejuice thing

    peace and kale

  6. Hi, Dazza,

    No, no voices from beyond the grave! We fell really far behind posting to Nerdwood, a year behind in fact. I’m catching up now, but I wanted the dates on the pots to match the actual dates of when these things got done, so I’m adjusting the timestamps as I post. This way when I look at the site five years from now, I’ll know when things were actually completed.

    Sorry to freak you out!

    Take care,

  7. the house is really looking great. i just want to assure you you’ll have no spike issues with me. i’ve gone with the spikeless/soft spike shoe. tlc for the feet.

  8. Thanks, Dan! Now I just gotta find a way to keep my figure-skating pals from wearing their skates around the house.

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