Water and Air

A sunny February day.

We’re plumbing the house with PEX tubing rather than traditional metal pipe. No soldering is required, just a crimping tool, so it’s a whole lot easier. Greg installed a manifold, which is sort of a switching station for all the PEX tubing in the house. Blue pipes are for cold water and red pipes are for hot.

It's called a Manabloc.

A utility sink and then a toilet followed in short order. Our work space became a whole lot more comfortable and convenient!

The utility sink, folks.

Because the house is well insulated and has what the energy efficiency experts call a tight envelope, it needs a special ventilation system. The ERV, or Energy Recovery Ventilator, exchanges stuffy indoor air for fresh outdoor air without cooling down the house.

Fresh air in, stuffy air out.

All of these not very glamorous but vital tasks were carried out during the late winter and early spring of 2011.  The plumbing and electrical inspectors found everything to be satisfactory. Space in the utility room is quickly filling up!