My Autumn’s Done Come

Roundy bales

Ah, September in beautiful downtown Tapiola. The hay has been baled up, the vegetable garden harvest is in full swing, berry-picking season is winding down, apple picking is in the offing, and talk has begun to turn to the topic of shooting things. The weather is cool, the bugs dying off, and it’s an ideal time for a cordwood construction workshop.

The workshop is scheduled for Saturday, September 21. If participating in a hands on cordwood construction workshop sounds like something you would like to do, head right over to our good friend Matt Manders’ spiffy new website, for information on how to sign up. Matt is putting it all together, Greg will be doing most of the instruction, and I will be on hand to heckle them and maybe help out. We’ll be working on the garden shed, and we hope to cover mortar mixing, wall construction, pointing, bottle ends, and cordwood best practices. If you can’t make it to this workshop, it looks like Matt has a bunch of other cool stuff coming up, so definitely check out his site if you are in or plan to be in the area this fall.

So what has been going on at Nerdwood? I realize it has been a painfully long time since I last posted.  Much of what goes on is, frankly repetitious, but I will try to cover some of the salient points on future posts. We’re making good progress on the second floor interior walls.

Second floor madness.

Most of the living room is finished, and we are working our way into the second floor loft.

Second floor wall in progress.

Bottle feature at the top of the stairs.

We hope to finish the interior walls this fall, and we’re enjoying the excellent weather while it lasts.

That right there is a big zinnia.


Wintertime on Moscow Road.

We’re doing some upgrades to the blog, and will probably be tinkering with it for a little while, so don’t be alarmed if things get a little mixed up. I’ll try to keep the new posts coming regularly.

New Year’s Blog Resurrection

Winter is a good time for a long story.

Happy New Year, everybody! Clare here. I am aware that this blog has sadly languished for months, and the information about our progress on Nerdwood is now over a year out of date. Greg has simply been too busy to keep up with it, as he is bogged down with work and school responsibilities, which means reading papers with names such as A Fast Failure Detection and Failover Scheme for SIP High Availability Networks and Experiences in Building A Multihoming Load Balancing System. As you can imagine, this does not leave much time for the whole blog endeavor. So I will pick up the torch, and try to cover what has been happening over the past year.

We’re still here!

Yes, it’s true, we haven’t disappeared into a black hole or something, I’ve just been very busy and waiting for things to slow down so I can post the latest Nerdwood news. Since things are unlikely to slow down anytime soon, I’ll try to get up to date over the next month or so.